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Desire Yoga Give Aways: 12 Days of Christmas


So, today is the 12th day of Christmas, and I’ve wrapped up a really awesome gift for you to kick off the New Year. Follow this link to find my huge gift to you, and tell a friend: Desire Yoga’s Big Present to You.

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Desire Yoga Give Aways: 12 Days of Christmas and Happy New Year!


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Happy 2015 to everyone! This year promises to be one of the best ever–I just have a great feeling about what awaits us in 2015. Change can be challenging and ultimately, it is inevitable. So, roll with it.

I hope you make your lists of New Year’s goals, resolutions, intentions, etc. with a joy filled heart. Anything is possible Every Single Day. I wish you a happy and blessed new year. I hope you’ll use one these 12 Days of Christmas free class passes to come to one of my classes. It would be nice to meet you.


Here’s the link for today’s offer: Free three day pass with 10% discount offer

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Desire Yoga: 12 Days of Christmas Give Aways


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Does a free yoga class sound pretty good to you right about now? Maybe you’re ready to kickstart, reboot or revive your yoga practice, but the wallet looks a little thin as we head into the homestretch of the holiday season. No worries–starting today I’ll be giving away a variety of opportunities to take my classes at no cost to you. To kick things off, feel free to print and share these Desire Yoga class passes. Each pass is good for one free Desire Yoga class at The Studio for first time visitors and 20% off your first class package purchase. Here’s the link. Merry Christmas!

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Synchronicity Comes with Listening


Picture Source: Pinterest board Spirit by Jessica M.

Synchronicity happens when work and preparation come together to create some fortuitous circumstance. It’s the right place; it’s the right time. You’re the right person and good things happen.

While living in sync requires us to take cues from the world around us, part of living in sync involves listening well to ourselves. This does not happen in an egocentric way, but in a way where you ask yourself: What is true? What is real? What shall be done? Then, listen for the answer.

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