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Desire Yoga Give Aways: 12 Days of Christmas


So, today is the 12th day of Christmas, and I’ve wrapped up a really awesome gift for you to kick off the New Year. Follow this link to find my huge gift to you, and tell a friend: Desire Yoga’s Big Present to You.

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Desire Yoga Give Aways: 12 Days of Christmas and Happy New Year!


Happy New Year | royalty free stock pictures #11151050 | Pixmac

Happy 2015 to everyone! This year promises to be one of the best ever–I just have a great feeling about what awaits us in 2015. Change can be challenging and ultimately, it is inevitable. So, roll with it.

I hope you make your lists of New Year’s goals, resolutions, intentions, etc. with a joy filled heart. Anything is possible Every Single Day. I wish you a happy and blessed new year. I hope you’ll use one these 12 Days of Christmas free class passes to come to one of my classes. It would be nice to meet you.


Here’s the link for today’s offer: Free three day pass with 10% discount offer

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What Is Your Intention?

As we enter each yoga practice, we may set an intention for it. Intentions shape the means and the methods we choose to accomplish our goals. They are an important part of our practice as we grow in our understanding of Yoga’s many aspects.

The opportunities for learning and exploration afforded us by setting intentions for our yoga practices are infinite. We may choose to center a practice around steadfastness in the face of difficulty and practice poses which encourage this virtue–the Warrior Poses and Chair Pose for example.


Reverse Warrior Pose

We may choose to focus on loving kindness toward ourselves and others spending more time approaching, holding and transitioning from one pose to the next–perhaps modifying poses we would usually fully express during our practice. An example of this, would be taking Extended Puppy Pose instead of Downward Facing Dog Pose.


Extended Puppy Pose


Downward Facing Dog Pose

Choosing not to set a specific intention and allowing a practice to emerge as you go through familiar poses is an intention as well; it is the intention of being present and listening to your inner voice.