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A Guide to a Four Week Study of the Bhagavad Gita

Source Material:
The New Bhagavad Gita by  Hari Ravikumar and Koti Sreekrishna

Your Reading Plan

Week One–April 3

Karma Yoga:
“Thus act in the spirit of Karma yoga…” (Ch: 3 verses 50 to 51)

Chapters 1 to 5

Week Two–April 10

Raja Yoga:
“Arjuna, sanyasa is indeed yoga.
One can’t become a yogi
without giving up selfish motives.”
(Ch:6 verse 2)

Chapters 6 to 10

Week Three–April 17

Jana Yoga:
“Pursuing knowledge is superior to
any ritual with material offerings
because all activities find their
fulfillment only in knowledge.”
(Ch: 4 verse 33)

Chapters 11 to 15

Week Four–April 24

Bhakti Yoga:
“If you fix your mind on the supreme
you will certainly reach the supreme.
There is no doubt about this!”
(Ch:12 verse 8)

Chapter 16 to Epilogue

To Keep in Mind

1. The Bhagavad Gita is a sacred text filled with layers of meaning and instruction. It’s meant to be studied over a lifetime. It also stirs emotions, provokes thought, and challenges us to examine ourselves. So, give yourself permission to read it with an open mind and in a relaxed manner. It may take a few readings to get it– kinda like Shakespeare.

2. Reading a book well is like having a really good conversation. Take notes. Ask questions. Be in the moment and examine your genuine response to the ideas presented.

3. If you don’t know what a word means mark it, or write it down and keep reading. Try to use context to get the meaning. You don’t want to interrupt your flow.

4. Enjoy the Gita. It’s an epic story within an epic story (the Mahabharata).

Key Questions

-How did you feel during this week’s readings?

-What was your favorite part or parts of the reading? What captured your attention?

-What question or questions do you have about this week’s reading?

*The questions will be integrated into the week’s Facebook discussion.