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Build on Your Intentions

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During your exploration of yoga, you may have heard or may hear a teacher reference yoga’s eight limbs. One of these limbs is svadhyaya, self-study. This concept encompasses time spent in reflection of oneself, one’s actions and activities, thoughts and relationships with others as well as actively seeking the wisdom of sacred texts and great teachers.

It is through self-study that yogis discern intentions for their practice and apply the lessons learned from their practice. These lessons eventually follow the yoga practitioner off the mat and into the rest of their day. Our intentions form the foundation of our practice and more broadly our lives.

Choose your intentions well; they become your reality.

Author: dmhendricks

Desiré Hendricks is a yoga instructor with four years experience teaching yoga to students of multiple levels. She recently added Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga training to her repertoire. Beginners and experienced yogis are welcome in all classes.

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