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Yoga Awesome Sauce

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I fell in love with the yoga almost 20 years ago in college. It has remained a refuge or a kick in the pants whenever I needed it. Yoga is awesome because it offers what you need without demand: it’s true love.

Yoga is like the awesome sauce that makes a good dish great! I want to share the recipe for this awesome sauce with you. The best thing about this recipe is that you already have all of the ingredients and the tools to make the best sauce ever. Yoga just requires you, a little time and the intention to practice. I look forward to meeting you. Namaste. cropped-20140617_19022611.jpg


Author: dmhendricks

Desiré Hendricks is a yoga instructor with four years experience teaching yoga to students of multiple levels. She recently added Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga training to her repertoire. Beginners and experienced yogis are welcome in all classes.

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